2 Long drumsticks boiled

2 Potatoesc boiled

1 tsp Dry besan flour roasted

1 Medium cup of water

Pinch sugar

Pinch hing

1 tsp Green chilies chopped

1 tsp Sweet neem

Salt as per taste

1 tspLemon juice

Pinch turmeric

3 tsp Oil

1 tsp Rai


Method :

First take a blow add roasted besan ,cup of water,sugar,lemon juice,salt and turmeric and mix them all properly.

Take pan add oil when oil get heated add rai  start cracking  then add hing, green chilies and sweet neem add all the boil vegetables and mix it properly  for 5 min.

Then add besan batter in it and mix it properly for 5 min and let it be thick .

Then its ready to serve with roti .