2 tsp Ragi Flour.

2 tsp Soyabean Flour.

2 tsp Bajra Flour.

2 tsp Makai Flour.

1/2  cup Wheat flour.

1 cup Paste of Palak, Mint and Coriander.

1 tsp Ginger Chili Paste.

Salt to taste.

2 tsp Oil for Atta.

Oil For Shallow Fry.

Method :

Take bowl add all Flour ,salt, ginger chili paste and oil mix them all properly.

Then add little by little Palak, Mint and Coriander green paste and make dough.

Then make 5 equal balls and make round roti from it.

Then heat the pan when pan get heated the shallow fry the paratha from both the side .

Then serve them with raita.





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