1 cup Methi powder soaked in milk.

1 tsp Elichi powder.

2 cup Arabic gum (ding)

1 cup Mix dry-fruits Powder.

2 tsp Khas khas(poe seeds)

500 grms Wheat flour.

500 grms Ghee.

1 cup Dry ginger powder.

2-3 tsp Pepper powder.

1 tsp Sof.

500 grams Jaggery.

On the slow flame keep kadai add

add ghee .

add 1/3rd ghee,when ghee gets melted

Fry arabic gum.

add soaked methi

paste and cook properly for 6-7 min..

Now remove it in bowl .

Now add half cup of ghee and  add wheat flour

and mix it well in slow  flame.

Now add alll ghee and mix it continously

till it changes its color.

Now add jaggery in it and mix it well

Add methi, pepper powder,dry , Arabic gum ginger powder,

dre-fruits powder, sofe, khas khas, elaechi powder.and mix it

properly.for around 6-7 min.

Pour methi pak in gressed dish and

shake the dish from different side

to make it flat.

Ater 45 -50 mins its ready to serve.


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